Staying Safe Online: Knowledge is Power

Binary_Key_PicThe world of online computing has never been so full of opportunity. We can do everything “in the cloud” these days: play games, keep in touch with friends and relatives, watch movies, shop for groceries, pay bills, prepare our taxes… all from the comfort of our living room sofa. Of course, there are also some things we can do online that are far less appealing. For instance, we can have our email accounts hijacked, see our reputations smeared right in front of our eyes and even lose our very identities.

On top of all that, it seems like every week we are scrambling to make sure our credit cards are secure after hearing about yet another large retailer that has had their customer data compromised. So, how can we enjoy all the benefits and convenience the online world has to offer while keeping our data and accounts safely out of the clutches of grasping greedy hackers who don’t care how much heartache or chaos they leave in their wake as they plow through the lives of innocent web surfers?  Continue reading

RSS: What is it Anyway?

Really, REALLY BIG RSS feed button

We find this funny looking symbol (or some form of it) everywhere online. What does it mean? It stands for RSS or “Really Simple Syndication”. In a nutshell, When you see this symbol on a website it usually means you can have some kind of content from that site delivered directly to you. This means you do not have to keep visiting the site over  and over to see if there have been any updates.

If you subscribe to a site’s RSS feed, you will instantly be notified when new content is added to the site. You can opt to have these updates delivered to your e-mail or you can receive them via a special piece of software called an RSS reader. One very popular (and free) RSS reader is Google Reader but there are many others. Continue reading

Data Backup: Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late

Platters are shiny.

Recently, I had a major client who lost their server to a power surge.  You guessed it – they had not run an adequate system backup in a very long time.

I will be the first to admit, it is so easy to put off doing regular data backups. I think many people simply don’t understand how devastating a complete loss of data can be.  Continue reading