Computer Buyers: Beware of Second-hand Systems

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We all know money is tight for small business owners today. When it comes time to replace older equipment or expand your business, It may be tempting to look for a “good used” computer system in an attempt to save a few dollars.

This is NOT a good idea.

We have had more than a few clients come to us for help when their “new” computer didn’t work very well. When a computer is purchased second-hand through a friend, at a pawn shop or through the classified ads, you have no idea what kind of condition it may be in. More often than not, the machine will have problems including viruses, malware, or even failing hardware. What seems to be a “good deal” often winds up costing you extra time, money and frustration.

If you really are interested in getting a good used computer, avoid buying from people or places you aren’t absolutely sure about.  Instead, you should check with a reputable local computer dealer who  may sell refurbished systems. Some large online companies such as Dell Computer, may sell refurbished systems with a limited warranty. Be sure to compare apples to apples however when looking at new systems vs. used. You should consider the hardware, the operating system and other software which may (or may not) come pre-installed on an older system.  Also, the amount of memory (both RAM and ROM) in the system can make a big difference in its performance.

Have you ever purchased a used system? What was your experience? You may have something to share that can help other people make a good buying decision.

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